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Canon Character Application

Out Of Character


Age: 35

Personal Journal: N/A

Contact: Gmail:

Name of Player Who Invited You: Current Player

In Character

Name:  The Doctor: Twelfth Regeneration  

Canon: Doctor Who 

Canon Point: Directly Post 9X10: Face the Raven

Sex/Gender: Male

Actual Age/Apparent Age: Actual Age: 2,000, Apparent Age: 65


The Doctor will be coming with his cards for the proper emotional responses in one jacket pocket and his sonic sunglasses in the other pocket. The sonic sunglasses are his catch all tool that will allow him to open doors, fix random things and generally be a saver of lives when outside the Library.

Skills and Powers:

-Genius level intellect
-Healing using regenerative energy
-Cell regeneration when he's at the point of death

Bookmark Description:

The Doctor's bookmark has the appearance of being made of black velvet much like his favorite ragged sweater/hoodie combo. Silver sunglasses run up and down the bookmark and in certain light the sunglasses sparkle reminding the Doctor of his beloved Impossible Girl.

History and Personality:



The Doctor's twelfth regeneration carries shades of the eleven versions before him. He is grumpy, opinionated and freely admits he struggles to understand  human emotions. He also has trouble understanding his own motivations asking his companion and others if he is a good man.  He hides more positive emotions behind a mask of sharp words and self deprecating humor, but when a friend is in trouble the Doctor will give his all to save them even risking his own life to help.

Grief is the Doctor's most constant friend and he sometimes welcomes it and sometimes hates how much it changes his life. When someone he loves dies, he unleashes his anger on the thing that caused said death or if that thing isn't at hand he'll lash out at the next nearest thing. He also cannot handle being alone for very long, he broods and grumbles and generally tries to push people away. He loves as deeply as he rages and while he seems prickly on the surface if he likes you you have a friend for life.



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